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Scissor lift platform, and four column type car lift platform
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Professional Cargo Lift manufacturer, Car lift solution provider

Jinan Tebo Cargo Lift Group Co., Ltd

Tebo Lift , as a professional manufacturer and supplier of Cargo Lift with great experience in Lift Equipment industry field.Tebo will help you choose the right Cargo Lift & according to your project . As Top Cargo Lift & Car lift manufacturer-Tebo Lift have a wide product scope, includes: Heavy Cargo Lift,Light Cargo Lift,Stationery scissor Lift,Car lift, Vertical Cargo Lift, Articulated boom lift, Hydraulic dock leveler etc .

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Provide solutions to industrial lifting problems, including custom and standard types

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Custom Cargo lift Manufacturing

Tebo Lift offers custom-designed, reliable and cost-effective solutions for the lifting of heavy loads. We are experts in the design and manufacture of heavy cargo lifts, car lifts, industrial lifts and more.

Free 3D Lift Design >>

Based on Tebo's 15 years of Cargo Lift manufacturing experience and expertise, our team of designers can work out the most suitable cargo crane solution for you. A free 3D industrial design of a hydraulic cargo lift will be provided based on your job requirements, site and cost.

Lift Installation >>

To ensure proper Cargo Lift installation and minimise downtime, we offer two installation options: online technical guidance (Cargo Lift installation videos and manuals) or Cargo Lift installation by our overseas installation team (installation and maintenance).


From Cargo Lift pre-sales service to after-sales service, our professional engineers and sales team are always ready to provide tailored advice and solutions for your cargo hydraulic lift needs. Every Tebolift product comes with lifetime technical support.


Tebo lift products come with a 5-year warranty on the main structure and a 1-year warranty on electrical components. If there is any problem not caused by human factors during this period, we will send you suitable cargo elevator parts free of charge.

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We are a leading provider of heavy cargo lifts, car lifts, and other high-quality products. We have CE, FDA, ISO, and SGS certificates, which has a longer service life and lower cost than other suppliers' products.

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