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3 knowledge points of scissor lift platform

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    As a kind of lifting equipment, the main purpose and type of scissor lift platform are more common. Jinan Tebo Cargo Lift Group Co., Ltd is a company that manufactures and supplies various lifting platforms. Let’s talk about scissor lift platforms together.

    Heavy large hydraulic scissor car lift 3 ton gigapixel scale 2 00x
    Heavy large hydraulic scissor car lift 3 ton gigapixel scale 2 00x

    1. Introduction of scissor lift platform

    The scissor lift platform is a kind of lifting equipment that lifts people or objects vertically. In addition, it also refers to the vertical transportation equipment of the logistics system, such as factories, automatic warehouses, etc. Many crane platforms are equipped with various plane conveying equipment as a connection device for power lines with different heights. Generally speaking, hydraulic transmission, the so-called scissor lift platform, is used. Except for the delivery of goods with different aspect ratios, it is generally used for practical operations such as high-altitude installation and maintenance. The characteristics of free lifting have been widely used in municipal maintenance, logistics center cargo transportation, building decoration and other fields. It comes with car chassis, battery chassis, etc. It can walk freely and the working height space has changed. It has the advantages of light weight, self-propelled, electric start, independent legs, easy to use, and a large total area during work, and can be rotated 360 degrees at will according to roadblocks.

    3, the classification of scissor lift platform

    There are many types of lift commodities in contemporary social development, and there are also many different classification norms. The common types of machinery and equipment in social development and manufacturing are as follows: According to the elevator structure, it can be divided into: scissor scissor hydraulic lifting platform, rail-type hydraulic lifting platform, aluminum alloy profile scissor hydraulic lifting platform, sleeve specification scissors Fork lift platform, telescopic boom aerial work vehicle, bending arm types. Aerial work vehicle. According to the fitness exercise method of the elevator car, it can be divided into: fixed scissor lift platform, mobile scissor lift platform, self-propelled scissor lift platform and car-cut scissor lift platform.

    stationery scissor lift
    stationery scissor lift

    3. How to order scissor lift platform

    The hydraulic lifting platform with firm structure and high performance must be rigorously measured and tested, and the structure of structural reinforcement beams and load-bearing beams must be distinguished according to specific application conditions. Efficient construction facilitates higher capacity and durable applications for scissor lifts.

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