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4 ways to solve the Cargo Lift noise problem

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    The structure of the lift seems to be very simple, but its mechanical structure is very complex. Compared with the conventional scissor lift, not only the chain, gear pump, wire rope, spirit level and other structures are added, the lifting principle is also different.


    Therefore, the problem of excessive noise in the lifting channel can be solved only by doing the right medicine.

    1. The countertop is not completely fixed

    The guide rail column and the table top will shake. The greater the shaking, the louder the noise. Therefore, it must be firmly fixed when the device is installed. Long-term shaking will not only cause huge noise, but also increase the wear and tear of the machine. Simple cause mechanical failure.

    2. Wire rope or chain aging

    The protection device of the lift, the wire rope and chain, will also produce a lot of noise if it is improperly protected or worn out, so regular inspection and protection is the fundamental reason to ensure the good condition of the lift channel.

    3. There is a problem with the pumping station

    The motor will also generate certain noise, but the motor with guaranteed quality generally has very low noise. In order to reduce costs, some unscrupulous merchants often choose some motors with unsecured quality, resulting in constant noise during the operation of the lifting channel.

    4. The cylinder is unqualified

    The resulting noise is too large, because the hydraulic system in the lifting channel is a working system, and the oil cylinder is an important part of the hydraulic system. Once damaged or there is a problem, the lifting channel will be paralyzed.

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