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About the single side cylinder cargo lift’s installation

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    The installation is very simple: you can installed by yourself as the drawing and electric version installation book. If your lifting height is not very high, we can design and manufacture the equipment as a whole structure, and no need yourselves installation, only stand in the worksite.

    1.Installation in the pit: It can be installed in the pit, which will get the pit size and depth firstly, and need you to build the pit very well.

    2.Installation no need pit: this single side simple model cargo lift can be installed without the pit, and only installed on the ground, because we can design the platform thickness 100mm, and design a ramp to the platform, which is convenient for you to enter and withdraw a machine to the platforms.

    3.Installation inner side shaft wall: if you give us your shaft wall inner side’s size(length*width*height) and give us the traveling height you needed, we will make the structures all the spare parts, and prepare the installation instruction book for your installation.

    4.Outdoor installation: if you will install the cargo lift outside of the room, we will need your work site’s photos and design the support bars of the structure, and we will design the anti-rain spare parts for you, and the anti-theft lock or the safety cage.

    5.Installation with a whole structure: If your installation worksite’s space is big enough, and it’s convenient for you to carry the whole structure to the work site, we will manufacture the equipment as a whole structure for you, which will reduce your installation time and procedure.

    6.All the installation book and maintenance book will send to you after delivery.

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