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How to properly place scissor-lift

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    Scissor lifts are now being used in more and more factories and require proper placement of such equipment. Do you know what is the correct way to place it?

    Now, more and more factories are using scissor lifts, and it is also necessary to place such equipment correctly. Do you know what is the correct way to place it? Follow along with me to find out! If the scissor lift exhibits abnormal noise and abnormal movement during use.

    We must immediately stop continuous use, and contact the designated after-sales service company and ask for inspection. Before each use, please check the lift in advance, for example, check whether the fixing bolts are loose. If an unsafe condition is found, do not operate the equipment and repair it.

    heavy capacity scissor lift
    heavy capacity scissor lift

    If the wheelchair wheel is wet in the scissor lift, the braking force of the wheelchair will not be very large. In this situation, extreme care should be taken. Be careful not to exceed its rated load. Adhere to the flat surface of the equipment to clean the lift channel during ascent or descent, please do not go up and down the channel. When it is not necessary to stop, the released channel should be folded according to regulations, so that the vehicle can be started.


    We should pay attention when using it, be sure not to put the arms and legs within the scope of the scissor lift, because this will cause unnecessary damage. When the channel goes up or down, the front bezel must be placed straight and in the straight slot on the bottom. It is not allowed to start the channel in an ascending or descending manner until the front block is placed straight. When someone is on the device being used, no one is allowed to press the input button of the control switch.

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