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Freight elevator with mesh shaft

Freight elevator with mesh shaft is a mechanical equipment for cargo lifting and lowering powered by hydraulic cylinders, no need to dig a pit. The form of rail cargo lift is diversified, and it is divided into two types, includes one piston and two piston.
Capacity:0.5-10 ton
Lifting height:3-30m
Lift Speed:4-6m/min
Voltage:110v 220v 240v 380v Optional
Lift Drive / Actuation:Hydraulic
Certification:CE ISO9001

Buy Freight Elevator With Mesh shaft Guide

A Freight elevator with mesh shaft is a type of freight elevator used to transport goods and materials vertically between different levels of a building or warehouse using railway tracks. These lifts come in various sizes and load capacities and are typically operated by a hydraulic or mechanical system. They are designed to make the transportation of heavy materials faster, safer, and more efficient.

Freight elevator with mesh shaft is mainly used for all kinds of goods transported between the upper and lower layer, the narrow space of three-dimensional garage and underground garage high-rise to excavation pit site, layer height can not reach the requirements of the goods and other occasions difficult to solve falling, upper and lower layer door interlocking protection equipment hydraulic system products, each floor and lifting table, the working table can be set button, realize multi point control.

Cargo lift types can be categorized according to their lifting capacity, lifting height, and size, with some common variants being: one-piston rail cargo lifts, two-piston rail cargo lifts, rail cargo lifts with mesh shafts, rail cargo lifts with steel board shafts, rail cargo lifts featuring shutter doors, and rail cargo lifts equipped with rapid doors.

The cost of a freight elevator with mesh shaft depends on various factors, including its load capacity, type, size, and installation requirements. On average, a standard freight elevator with mesh shaft can cost anywhere from $3,500 to $10,000 or more. However, the price can increase depending on the lift’s specifications,appearance and customization needs.

Installing a freight elevator with mesh shaft requires expertise and knowledge of the specific lift’s requirements and the building’s structural design. It is crucial to ensure that avoid damage to the lift and accidents during installation. The following are some general steps for installation a rail cargo lift: Design and manufacture the specific lift. Site inspection and preparation. Install the lift’s rails and platform, hydraulic or mechanical connection. Testing and commissioning.

Regular maintenance is crucial for the safe and efficient operation of a cargo lift. The maintenance requirements will depend on the specific type of lifts. The following are some general tips to maintain cargo lift:Conduct regular inspection. Lubricate the lift’s moving parts to prevent corrosion. Check any loose bolts or screws. Clean the lift’s platform and rails to remove dirt and debris. Schedule annual maintenance and service checks with a qualified technician.


Freight elevator with mesh shaft are widely used in the chemical plants,power plants,nuclear factories ,explosives and other explosion-proof enterprises.
Tebo Lift Rail cargo mesh shaft application03
Tebo Lift Rail cargo mesh shaft application02
Tebo Lift Rail cargo mesh shaft application
TEBO Freight elevator with mesh shaft application


3D custom design can help customers better understand the product, and at the same time can customize the product according to different parameters.
Tebo Lift Rail cargo mesh shaft 3D
Tebo Lift Rail cargo mesh shaft 3D02
Tebo Lift Rail cargo mesh shaft 3D04 1
Tebo Lift Rail cargo mesh shaft 3D03


ModelCapacity(KG)Traveling height(mm)Platform size(WxD)Input power(Volt)
TBC03-30.5-10 ton3-30m(2200~3000)mmx(5000~6000)mm110V~460V
TBC03-40.5-10 ton3-30m(2200~3000)mmx(5000~6000)mm110V~460V
TBC03-50.5-10 ton3-30m(2200~3000)mmx(5000~6000)mm110V~460V
TBC03-60.5-10 ton3-30m(2200~3000)mmx(5000~6000)mm110V~460V
TBC03-70.5-10 ton3-30m(2200~3000)mmx(5000~6000)mm110V~460V
TBC03-80.5-10 ton3-30m(2200~3000)mmx(5000~6000)mm110V~460V
TBC03-90.5-10 ton3-30m(2200~3000)mmx(5000~6000)mm110V~460V
TBC03-100.5-10 ton3-30m(2200~3000)mmx(5000~6000)mm110V~460V

Features Advantage

✅Large capacity, the maximum loading capacity can up to 100ton.
✅Suitable for various environments and heavy-duty lifting.
✅Flexible to design and production, can be customized.
✅Complete standard configuration,stable operation.
✅Durable, corrosion-resistant high-quality steel.
✅Simple maintenance, low cost.
✅Rigorous safety features.
✅Simple to installation.

pump station

Pump station

limit switch

Travel switch


Power supply

remote control

Remote control

AC contactor


Circuit breaker

Air switch

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