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Willkommen auf dem Tebo-Blog. Wir sind ein führender Hersteller von Lastenaufzügen. Unser Blog konzentriert sich auf den Austausch von Wissen und Kaufberatung für Lastenlifte. Wir helfen Ihnen bei der Auswahl der besten Liftlösung für Ihre Bedürfnisse.


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1.What is cargo lift?


Cargo lift is made of four parts: hydraulic system, electrical system, mechanical system and outer finishes system.
Hydraulic system mainly includes pump station, cylinder, oil hose…
Electrical system mainly includes the main controller, HOP/COP and safety devices…
Mechanical system mainly includes lifting frame, guide rails and platform…
Finishes system mainly includes shaft enclosure, landing door, platform door and platform finishes…

Tebo Lift Cargo application

2.Working principle


When the platform need to up, the pump station will transport hydraulic oil into cylinder, then the cylinder and lifting frame go up, lifting frame drives the platform to go up by chain. When the platform need to down, the lift will pressure the oil through the platform weight, let the oil to return to the pump station, then the cylinder and lifting frame will let the platform down to the floor(at this point, the electromagnetic valve is open, so the oil can flow back into the oil tank).



Cargo lift mainly has two models.
One is small type: this type is composed of one cylinder with two guide rails, capacity can be 0-4tons. Traveling height is about 2-20 meters ( 5-6 stops ). Platform size is below size 1500*1500mm. It’s very easy to operate and install.

Another is strong type: this type is composed of two cylinders with four guide rails( or four cylinders with four guide rails), capacity can up to 30tons. Traveling height is about 2-20 meters. Platform size can be much bigger. It can load heavy goods, big machine, forklift and the car…
They can do with shaft enclosure or without ( steel mesh finishes or steel tile board finishes).



Cargo lift is used to transport goods, the maximum load can reach 30T. This equipment is suitable for factories, restaurants, underground garage and other places, as well as the second, third or more floors of the cargo transmission. The lifting height can reach up to 20 meters, especially suitable for the workplace can not dig pits.

When installing equipment, no upper lifting point is needed, especially suitable for the difficult narrow space where the top height cannot reach the installation requirements of the machine room.

The installation site is flexible and can be installed through the floor, against the stairs, or outside. If there is no wall support, we can also provide steel structure to support the cargo lift for installation.

Tebo Lift Cargo case


5.Extraordinary advantages


    5.1 Easy installation:


Hydraulic cargo lift can be installed in the worksite without pit. If the worksite overhead height is limited, cargo lift can also fit in well. It can be installed in an open area or in a cement shaft. And we have detailed installation manual book with pictures and words showing. If you have any question, we can solve the problems for you online.

    5.2 Large capacity:


The maximum capacity can easily up to 20 Ton.

    5.3 Lower price:


Compared with other type elevators, hydraulic cargo lift has a very obvious price advantage. If your traveling height is not high, the price of hydraulic lift is more advantageous. In the face of large capacity, it’s more stable and much safer, and the price is very competitive!

    5.4 Easy operation:


Our lift is equipped with visual digital button, it’s easy to operate.

    5.5 Perfect service:


We have 1-year warranty and life time maintenance. If you need any help, you can contact us at any time. We provide 24 hours online service.

    5.6 High safety factor:


There are 5 safety guarantee items.
a.Motor overheat protection:When the motor continues to work for long time,the motor will overheat. In this case, the overheat motor will work to let the motor stop briefly to protect the lift.

b.Motor phase sequence protection: When the wrong or missing phase occurs in the input supply,the whole control system will lose power, thus stopping the motor and protecting the motor from being burnt out.

 c.DC controlling power: All control power supplies,including COP and HOP, and the control power supply in the cage are DC power supply, so as to protect user from electric shock.

d.Emergency stop: When we meet emergency condition, we can press the emergency stop button to let the lift stop immediately.This designing can protect equipment and users.

e.Emergency decline: We supply emergency descending DC power,when power failure, users can press the emergency decline switch button to let the lift decline to ground smoothly and safely, or let the lift down to specified floor.

    5.7 Low maintenance cost


The lift has excellent performance and small operation loss, the maintenance cost is low.

    5.8 Progress stability


Our cargo lift is so high quality (scientific design and strong materials) that it runs steadily.

    5.9 No damage for a long time


Our lift products are so durable and of good quality that it can process for a long time.

    5.10 High flexibility in design


All the control programs and special control accessories are designed and implemented by PLC. We provide Siemens PLC and mitsubishi PLC as two kinds of programmable controllers. Meanwhile, we provide control software, so that users can update the control contents by themselves.
To start and stop comfortable when lifting up and down, inverter can help to satisfy the function.

    5.11 Customization


The flexible configuration of types, colors, styles and the entrance and exit directions of the elevator can be customized according to the installation environment. It can be designed according to customer’s requirement.


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