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Wie wählt man eine gute stationäre Scherenhebebühne aus China aus?

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    Stationäre Scherenbühne is a lifting platform powered by hydraulic cylinders, and is extensively utilized in industrial and commercial workplaces, including workshops, factories, warehouses, production lines, 4S stores and so forth. Equipped with customized platform size and loading capacity, the stationary scissor lifts’ main function is to elevate goods or cars to higher places above the ground, saving time and labor.


    China now has grown into one of the major scissor lift platform exporters in the world, on account of the good quality and economical prices of made-in-China machines. But if you are considering importing a stationary scissor lift from China, you still need to make a wise choice among a group of stationary scissor lift manufacturers in China where many mechanical industries and suppliers exist.

    Firstly, stationary scissor lifts produced by manufactures from different cities of China may differ a lot in design and operating modes. Take, for example, buttons on the control panel are not all the same for the stationary scissor lifts from different suppliers. Do not look down upon these differences that look subtle and insignificant, for they can absolutely affect user’s experience in real operation. Thus spending time studying the lift platform, from outside design, working performance, safety factor to technological support, is a vital step.

    Stationäre Scherenhebebühne 3 Tonnen Gigapixel Scale
    Scissor Lift – Tebo Lift


    Secondly, it’s suggested to browse industrial forums or some other internet platforms about stationary scissor lifts. There, you will find many experienced scissor lift practitioners are organized voluntarily talking about their own successful experience and problems encountered. Also, the topic on Chinese stationary scissor lifts will not be avoided. After all, there have been a large number of customers importing the stationary scissor lifts from China. Good or bad, they can provide you with actual experience and references.

    Customized Cargo Scissor Lift With Guide Rail Gigapixel Scale

    Lastly, before buying the stationary scissor lifts, make some contrasts among several manufacturers whose machines appeal to you. In addition to price, special attention should be paid to whether the scissor lift platform can work well for your business, how long its working lifetime is, and what service will be offered from the manufacturer. Remember that you should make the decision about which stationary scissor lift you want to buy as per your business need.

    For more details about stationary scissor lifts equipment, please refer to our website or directly contact us at any time.

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