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Bienvenido al blog de Tebo, fabricante líder de elevadores de carga. Nuestro blog se centra en compartir conocimientos y consejos de compra de elevadores de carga. Le ayudamos a elegir la mejor solución de elevación para sus necesidades.


Tijeras elevadoras: Todo lo que debe saber antes de comprar



Scissor lifts are mainly divided in two types: one is stationary scissor lift platform, another is movable scissor lift platform.
Stationary scissor lift with steel structure or steel plate structure of high strength, bearing capacity by 0.1 to 20 tons, the size of product or equipment can be customized according to the needs of different users. The scissor structure is compact, can adapt to the high frequency continuous operation.

Elevador de tijera estacionario-3D



  • Small installation space

Scissor lift has a high utilization of installation space, because the main structure is below the platform, the platform table size can be designed much bigger. But usually it need a pit, the pit depth is refer to the net height of the scissor lift. When the scissor lift down to the ground floor, the platform table will be level with floor.

  • More stable with bigger capacity

Scissor lift can load big heavy goods smoothly and stably, the failure rate is low, the operation is reliable, safe and efficient. The structure adopts strong material according to the traveling height and capacity, it’s strong enough to carry the goods and people.

  • More widely used

Scissor lift mainly used in the production line and warehouse, paper, pharmaceutical and other industries, be widely used to carry the light or heavy goods. It has some characteristics, such as up, down, rotation, variable shape and stable operation, and it has a small gap between the translation table and fixed table, so the scissor lift is also commonly used for stage, to carry the people or show the new product. With some finishes, it’s more beautiful and popular.

  • More flexible design

Scissor lift has many operation ways, such as the upper and lower control, ground single control, point up and point drop and multilayer control. We can also provide the customer with wireless remote control. It can be designed with multiple layers, multiple groups of forks to meet the platform size and traveling height requirements. The platform table can be designed into special shapes(such as round and square) to meet the requirements of different conditions.

  • More beautiful appearance

Scissor lift can hide or modify the mechanical part well through some external decoration, so as to look more beautiful, but also play a certain protective role.

3、Safety functions


  • The trigger signal, automatic leveling
  • Equipped with safety protection device to prevent lift overload
  • A safety valve to prevent hydraulic oil tube rupture
  • Emergency lowering device-under the condition of power failure
  • The landing door is with safety interlock device

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