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Bienvenido al blog de Tebo, fabricante líder de elevadores de carga. Nuestro blog se centra en compartir conocimientos y consejos de compra de elevadores de carga. Le ayudamos a elegir la mejor solución de elevación para sus necesidades.


El sistema hidráulico: Estación de bombeo


We Adopt China-Italy joint stocking company Li Sheng brand pump station as pump station, the quality is stable and safety.

2.Reliable quality

Our pump station can be used for a long time, has easy operation and beautiful appearance, and it also can save space and has low energy, with good heat dissipation effect.

3.Core technology

A.Low noise

Lower noise and lower shaking, has good seismic effect.

B.Complete specifications

There are many kinds of power, such as 2.2kw, 3.0kw, 5.5kw, 7.5kw, 11kw, 15kw…etc. And power input can be customized refer to client’s local power. The power is stable and efficient, can reduce the wear and tear of motor.

C.Double valve designing

Our pump station adopts double electromagnetic valves–fast valve and slow valve. This designing can change lifting speed by controlling the oil return speed, to achieve soft landing.

D.Manual lowering valve

When power cut, people can operate it to let the lift go down to the ground floor, to ensure the users’ safety.

E.Overflow valve

In order to prevent excessive oil pressure from damaging oil tube.

F.Valve block

The valve block adopts rustproof material, it is hard and durable.


High sealing of the tank, it adopts preservative material.

H.Level measurement

Pump station is equipped with level measurement, it’s convenient to observe data.

I.Oil tube

The oil tube adopts high-strength steel wire rope weaving, has the effect of high pressure and high temperature resistance.

J.Other components

The components of our pump station have undergone strict factory testing and are of good quality, can be used with confidence.


(1)We have more than 10 years of production experience and our product have been exported to multiple overseas markets.
(2)It has complete specifications and reliable quality.
(3)Lower noise and lower shaking, stable oil pressure, and large oil flow.
(4)Our products has long-term service guarantee and high customer’s satisfaction.
(5)Pump station adopts anti corrosion technology, not easy to rust. It has beautiful appearance and stable quality.
(6)We can customize relevant solutions according to your needs.

estación de bombeo

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