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Main parameter

Product introduction:

Hydraulic scissor cargo lift platform with strong structure, large loading capacity, stable lift and easy installation, are ideal transportation device which are mainly used in low-rise buildings.

It’s mainly made of 4 parts: hydraulic system, electrical system, safety system and mechanical system.

Main parameter:


1. Easy to installation: only need screw bolts and nuts installation;

2. Safety to use: the equipment has 3 safety systems;

3. Comfortable to use: the lifting speed is suitable for people;

4. Nababaluktot pagdidisenyo: most of the products, cabin, and elevator shaft can be designed as customer’s requirement;

5. Flexible installation: It could be installed at any place, indoors or outdoors as your love style;

6. Effective cost: we could support good quality products to you as a lower price;

Safety designing:

1. Door lock sensor: only the door close well, the elevator can operation;

2. Emergency stop button designed: when meet some emergency condition, press emergency stop button to let the lift stop;

3. Emergency decline button designing: when meet power off or operation failure, press emergency decline button to make the platform slowly down to the bottom;


1. Haydroliko sistema: pump station with cylinder, oil tank, fill oil hole, unloading oil hole, oil hose, Hydraulic oil;

2. Electrical system: COP, HOP, remote control, PLC, relay, converter, transformer, AC contactor, motor, control electric wires, power line, LED light, power box, limited switch, air-switch;

3. Mechanical system: guide rail, fixing frame, platform, cabin, handrail, car door, auxiliary steel for installation;

4. Cabin designing: we could design the cabin as customer’s need, with lock or not, with swing door or hinge door, with stainless finishes or others.


1. Package: we adopt international standard package with wooden case, if you have other special requirement please note us before package;

2. Shipment: we will take your actually need give you the best solution of the shipment;

3. Delivery time: usually, it cost about 15-20 working days after payment;

4. Document: we give instruction manual and the using hand book;

5. Warranty: 12 months;

6. Assist workers: we could send one or two installation technician workers, you should pay for the trip and accommodation cost and basic salary for the workers;

When you meet any troubles, contact us at the first time. It’s my pleasure to help you at any time. Looking forward our cooperation!

Safety designing