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Tebo MachineryProfessional Car Lifting Platform Manufacturer

The car lifting platform is a special hydraulic lifting platform for the vertical delivery of cars, which is the ideal car conveying equipment for safe use.

Technical advantages: Shandong Tebo Machinery technical department absorbed the advanced technology in Europe and America, combined with years of design and manufacturing experience, after the design and manufacturing plan is constantly modified and improved and after numerous experiments prove: our company design and manufacture of lifting platform has the advantages of scientific and reasonable mechanical structure, good stability, high safety, long service life, atbp., equipment more cost-effective, is your ideal aerial work equipment!

Sa kasalukuyan, our company can design and manufacture lifting platforms with a height of 30 metro. We are the true leader in the hydraulic lifting equipment industry!

Car lifting platform product introduction: lifting platform is a series of equipment specially designed and manufactured to solve the problem of transporting cars between floors. There are three types of such equipment: iskor pag-angat platform, rail and chain type car lift platform and four column type car lift platform. The hydraulic system of the equipment is equipped with anti-fall and interactive chain of upper and lower floor doors, and each floor can be equipped with operation buttons to achieve multi-point control. The product has a sturdy structure, large load capacity, smooth lifting and lowering, simple at maginhawang instalasyon at pagpapanatili, and is the ideal equipment for transporting goods between low floors in an economical and practical way.

The installation environment and use requirements of the lifting platform, choose different optional configurations, can achieve better results in use.

Scissor car lifting platform application: This product is widely used in all places where cars need to be raised, such as car 4S shops, underground car parks, community car parks and car exhibition grounds.

High equipment configuration, adaptable to a variety of installation environments.

Safety designing