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How about the package of Tebo lift?

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    Ordinerily, all of the goods will be packing with plastics film, because if the goods are packed into the containner or into the box, in the shipping process the air will be wet, so there is a proberbility of rust.

    If your goods are in the term of LCL, we will package them with international wood box also, and the box should be strong enough, printed the marks of of the management regulations: forbid press heavy goods on the box, forbid inverted the goods, forbid rain, forbid standing on the goods.


    If your goods need full containner, we will package the frigile spare parts firstly, and then bind the other strong spare parts steadily, such as beam, lifting frame, platform, steel mesh, square tube etc. At last, we will adopt the steel cable to hang them in the containner to keep them stable and safety in the delivery process.

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