Doube beam Gantry crane

Double beam gantry crane has strong bearing capacity, large span and good stability.but its own quality is large and the cost is high.It is widely used in the loading and unloading of materials in outdoor warehouses, workshops, docks and other large places.

Buy FAQ of Double Beam Gantry Crane - Your Ultimate Guide

If you’re in the market for an industrial crane, the Doube Beam Gantry Crane may be what you need. This heavy-duty crane is designed for handling heavy loads in factories, construction sites, and warehouses. With its double beam structure and versatility, the Doube Beam Gantry Crane is perfect for various industries. In this article, we’ll provide a short product description of Doube Beam Gantry Crane and answer some frequently asked questions about the product. Keep reading to learn more!

Double beam gantry crane has two parallel beams connected to a supporting structure and a trolley that runs along the beams. The trolley can be installed with a electric hoist.Double beam gantry cranes are widely used in construction sites, shipyards, and steel mills to lift and transport large and heavy loads. They are also used in warehouses and logistics centers for loading and unloading containers.

The structure of a double beam gantry crane consists of several key components, including: Girders: The two parallel beams that support the trolley and hoist. They can be made of steel or aluminum and are typically box-shaped or truss-shaped for maximum strength and stability. Legs or pillars: The vertical supports that hold the girders and transfer the load to the ground. They can be fixed or adjustable to suit different site conditions. Trolley: The mechanism that runs along the girders and carries the hoist or grab. It can be driven by electric motors or manually operated. Hoist or grab: The lifting device that attaches to the load and moves it up and down. It can be powered by electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic systems. Control system: The set of switches, buttons, and levers that control the movement of the trolley, hoist, and other functions of the crane.

Double beam gantry cranes are classified according to their lifting capacity, span, and application. The lifting capacity can range from a few tons to several hundred tons, depending on the application. The span can range from a few meters to several hundred meters. There are various types of double beam gantry cranes, including:Single beam gantry crane,Double beam gantry crane and Container gantry crane.

The cost of a double beam gantry crane depending on its lifting capacity, span, and application. Generally, a small double beam gantry crane with a lifting capacity of a few tons can cost a few thousand dollars, while a larger one with a lifting capacity of several hundred tons can cost several hundred thousand dollars.

Installing a double beam gantry crane requires careful planning, preparation, and expertise. It involves several steps, including:Site inspection and preparation,Foundation design and construction,Crane reassembly and installation,Electrical and mechanical connection,Testing and commissioning.It is essential to hire a professional and experienced team to install a double beam gantry crane to ensure its safety.

Maintaining a double beam gantry crane is crucial to ensure its longevity, safety, and optimal performance.Regular maintenance includes:Daily inspection of the crane’s components and systems, such as brakes, hoist, trolley, and electrical connections.Lubrication of the moving parts to reduce friction and wear.Cleaning of the crane’s structure to prevent corrosion.Replacement of damaged parts to prevent accidents and downtime.Testing and certification of the crane’s safety devices and systems to comply with regulations.


Double beam gantry cranes are widely used in the warehouses, workshops, docks and other large places.
Double beam gantry crane-application
Double beam gantry crane-application
Double beam gantry crane-application


3D custom design can help customers better understand the product, and at the same time can customize the product according to different parameters.
Double beam gantry crane-3D
Double beam gantry crane-3D
Double beam gantry crane-3D
Double beam gantry crane-3D

Paramenters For Bridge Crane

Features Advantage

✅Lightweight structure, improved space utilization.
✅Durable, corrosion-resistant high-quality steel.
✅Complete standard configuration, stable operation.
✅Simple maintenance, low cost.
✅Suitable for various environments and heavy-duty lifting.
✅30-50 years lifespan.
✅Rigorous safety features.
✅High-quality automation welding and NDT inspection.
✅Various attachments.
✅Precise design and strength.
✅Multiple control options.
✅Integrated hoist design.
✅High-quality electrical control systems.
✅Multiple limit switches and protective features.

Electric hoist
Crane control box
End truck
Electric hoist
Wireless remote
Main beam

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