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A Comprehensive Guide to Types of Gantry Cranes and Their Applications

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    Are you in the market for a lifting solution for your warehouse, freight yard, or shipyard? Look no further than a gantry crane. Gantry cranes are a type of bridge crane, featuring one or two beams supported by freestanding legs and moves on wheels, a track, or rail system carrying a bridge, trolley, and hoist. They offer a wide range of operation, high site utilization rate, and strong versatility, making them a popular choice in various industries.

    In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the different types of gantry cranes and their applications. As a leading Chinese manufacturer, tebolifts offer great deals and custom designs to meet your lifting equipment needs.

    Gantry Cranes

    Types of Gantry Cranes

    Gantry cranes can be classified into several categories based on the form of the door frame structure, main beam shape, structure of the main beam, and form of use. Let’s take a closer look at each type to better understand their unique features and benefits.

    Single Girder Gantry Crane

    Single girder gantry cranes are a common type of gantry crane with one main beam supported by two end trucks. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and ideal for handling medium to heavy loads. Here are two examples of single girder gantry cranes:

    a. MH Electric Hoist Gantry Crane: This gantry crane is a small-medium type lifting equipment that runs on rails. It is composed of a gantry frame (girder, leg, ground crossbeam, etc.), hoisting mechanism, traveling mechanism, and electric control part. The electric hoist is the hoisting mechanism, running along the lower flange of the I-steel of the girder. The gantry frame includes box-shape and truss structures. The box-shape structure is easy to fabricate, while the truss structure is light and sturdy in wind resistance. The MH gantry crane is applicable to outdoor operational sites of small-medium lifting load for general handling such as factories and mines, freight yards, and warehouses.

    b. L Type Single Main Beam Hook Gantry Crane: This gantry crane is mainly composed of a gantry frame, lifting trolley, long crane traveling mechanism, cab, and electric control system. The gantry frame is in a box-shape structure. The trolley adopts a vertical reaction wheel when the lifting load is below 20t and a horizontal reaction wheel when above 20t to run on the girder’s side. The girder is of a single-girder bias track, and the leg is L-shaped with a large lifting space. The L-type allows for lifting long piece objects to cross over cantilever side from inner span easily.

    Gantry Cranes


    Double Girder Gantry Crane

    Double girder gantry cranes have two main beams supported by two end trucks. They are suitable for handling heavy loads and are widely used in various industries. Here are three examples of double girder gantry cranes:

    a. U Type Double Beam Hook Gantry Crane: This gantry crane is applicable to handling, loading, and unloading international standard size containers. It adopts a trailer trolley type, making the whole mechanism smart with super performance, high efficiency, and flexibility. It has a small sensitivity to ground roughness and is powered by a cable drum.

    b. U Type Subway Turn Slag Hook Gantry Crane: This gantry crane is a special type developed on the basis of a general gantry crane according to the operating requirements and working conditions of underground construction. The crane consists of a trolley, gantry, trolley traveling mechanism, hydraulic turnover mechanism, cab, and electric equipment. The trolley is equipped with a hydraulic turnover mechanism, which is composed of a hydraulic work station and a slag-turning hook. The trolley traveling mechanism is four drives in eight wheels. The motor fixed on the trolley drives wheels by a vertical speed reducer. A windproof rail clamp is equipped. It is detached from the rail when the crane is in normal operation. When the crane stops working, the operator will put down the clamp to catch the rail to prevent the crane from sliding.

    c. MG Type Double Beam Gantry Crane: This crane is composed of a gantry, crane trolley, trolley traveling mechanism, cab, and electric control system. The gantry is of a box-shape structure. The main girder is bias track double girder, and the leg is divided into Type A and Type U according to the user’s requirements. The closed cab is used for operation, in which there are an adjustable seat and insulating mat on the floor.

    Semi Gantry Crane System

    Semi gantry cranes run on a single leg rail, making them advantageous when you have little workspace. They are suitable for light to medium lifting operations. One leg is supported by the building/civil structure and the other by the crane end truck. It is a popular alternative to full gantry cranes in situations where the gantry area is restricted.

    Portable Gantry Systems

    Portable gantry systems are light in weight and run on rubber wheels or casters. They are a popular choice for small to medium lifting operations and can be easily disassembled and moved to another location. They are a cost-effective and flexible solution for temporary lifting needs.

    Applications of Gantry Cranes


    Gantry cranes are used in various industries, including construction, manufacturing, mining, railway transportation, and shipyard operations. Some of the applications for gantry cranes are:

    1、Loading and Unloading Cargo: Gantry cranes are widely used in outdoor freight yards, stockyards, and bulk cargo terminals for loading and unloading bulk cargo, containers, and general cargo.

    2、Shipyard Operations: Gantry cranes are commonly used in shipyards for assembling and lifting ship sections, equipment, and engines.

    3、Railroad Maintenance: Gantry cranes are used for maintenance and repair of railway equipment and trains.

    4、Manufacturing: Gantry cranes are used in manufacturing facilities for moving heavy materials and equipment.

    5、Construction: Gantry cranes are used in construction sites for lifting and moving heavy building materials, such as precast concrete, steel, and timber.


    Gantry cranes are an essential lifting solution in various industries, offering a wide range of operation, high site utilization rate, and strong versatility. As a leading Chinese manufacturer, tebolifts specializes in gantry crane, bridge crane, and other lifting equipment with non-standard design custom options. Contact us today for a free quote and let us help you find the perfect lifting equipment for your needs.

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