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This kind of rail cargo lift platform alsonamed as rail goods lift, rail lift platform, hydraulic rail elevator, etc.

It’s widely used in area of goodswarehouse, multi-levels warehouse, car warehouse, etc. The installation issimple. Now we develop a new model guide rail cargo lift, which is easy to installation and using, the whole structure is no need any welding, only needto bolt and nut.


1. Stable lifting speed: the lifting upspeed is about 6~10 meters per minute at the condition of not full capacity.

2. Big capacity: the guide rail cargo liftplatform’s maximum capacity can up to 30 ton, to which the other elevatorcannot compare.

3. Flexible design: all the size and heightcan be accurately designed as the work site’s size.

4. Simple to installation: no need anywelding and cutting to the steel structure, only need bolt and nut them likebuilding blocks.

5. Long time warranty: our equipment haslong time warranty: 24 months.


Safetyguarantee: the total system has 5 safety assurance

1.Anti- explosion valve: if some unforeseencondition occur, such as the pump station failure, or the pressure of the oiltube decline suddenly, the anti-explosion valve will work, it will keep thepressure of the hydraulic cylinder to keep the stable and safety of the liftplatform.

2.Safety rope: in the working process ofthe lift, not only the loading chain is working, but the safety rope is workingat the same time, the safety ropes have the same function with the loadingchain. Even the loading chain is cut, the safety rope can lift the cargonormally and safely.

3.Emergency stop and decline: if theequipment’s control system failure and out of control, press the emergencybutton can make the equipment stop immediately. Once power off when operation, openingthe emergency decline switch can make the lift platform decline slowly.

4.Door safety sensor: if the doors are not closed well, the door will not touch the sensor switches, and the switches cannot give signal to the main power control unit, so the lift cannot be operated up and down;

5. Overload protection: we design the overloaded sensor switches to the lift, such as, we deisgn the lift’s maximum capacity 5 Ton, when overloaded, the sensor will give signal to the PLC unit in the main power box, and the motor will be power off, the lift cannot be operated up and down at that time;



The guide rail cargo lift’s installation isvery simple, now we developed two kinds: welding model, and no need weldingmodel. We suggest no welding model to overseas customers. This model only needsto bolt and nut the spare parts together.


This equipment system is made of 4 parts:

1. Mechanical system: include the steel structure, the mechanical spare parts and equipments.

2. Hydraulic system: include the pumpstation, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic oil tube, oil tank, etc.

3. Heavy loading system: also named to safetysystem, include steel chain, steel rope, heavy loading structure, and heavy loading cabin.

4.Electric system: also named control system, include electric opponent, electric spare parts, pump station power,the control board, the electric control system, control box, etc.

Safety designing