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Beijing Huayun Cargo lift project finished

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    On the date of 9th, April , 2018, we just finished the hydraulic rail lift platform project for the work shop of Beijing Huayun Industry Park Co., Ltd. And after commissioning equipment for about 2 hours, the project was testing well by client, and in the process of commissioning and installation, the client gave us several good suggestion for the modification of the project.


    In the commissioning process, we adopt the purchase manager’s car, which weight about 2 Ton to make the testing work for the cargo lift, in future the lift equipment will be used to lifting auto spare parts for the industry park.

    This project from 4th of April to 9th , and it took about a whole week for the project, and our workers give up their Qingming festival holiday, we very appreciated to the industrious workers of us.


    This project item, installed a cargo lift, with the capacity of 3 Ton, and 4 stops totally, the whole lifting height 13 meters, in the installation process, it need to connect guide rail beam, which adopt the 120mm H beam material. and after strengthen the whole structures well, we welding and added several auxiliary beam as the fixing arms.

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