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Каковы рекомендации по покупке электрических однобалочных кранов?

When many customers choose to purchase electric single girder cranes, they pay great attention to how to buy cost-effective and high-quality crane machinery and are keen to know about the precautions and tips for making a good purchase. If a crane malfunctions, it can not only affect work efficiency, but in severe cases, it may also lead to various accidents and losses. So, what should we pay attention to when choosing an electric single girder crane?

однобалочный мостовой кран

Tebo Lift, a crane manufacturer, offers a brief introduction:

  1. Listen to the Sound: Often, poor quality single girder cranes generate a lot of noise during operation, usually from the gearbox and the wheels. In contrast, good quality cranes produce minimal noise during startup and operation, much like choosing a car based on engine noise.
  2. Stable Operation: Low-quality single girder cranes have a large impact force during operation, causing them to shake and pose certain safety risks. Therefore, customers should choose cranes that operate smoothly, often controlled by variable frequency drives for a soft start.
  3. Check for Oil Leaks in the Gearbox: The drive system of an electric single girder crane includes a motor, gearbox, and brake. Poor quality cranes may have oil leaks, which not only pollute the work environment but also affect the lifespan. It is advisable to consider an integrated drive with a sealed gearbox.

однобалочный мостовой кран

When purchasing an electric single girder crane, it’s important to consider not only the quality of the product but also the strength of the manufacturer to ensure hassle-free installation and after-sales service.

Currently, single girder cranes are widely used in large construction projects, greatly aiding in the efficiency of these projects. Bearings are a crucial component of these cranes, and without proper maintenance and correct usage, they can easily rust and affect normal operation.

So, how should one prevent rust on the bearings of single girder cranes? Here’s what the professional manufacturers suggest:

  1. Surface Cleaning: The cleaning method should be chosen based on the material and environmental conditions. Common methods include chemical treatment, mechanical cleaning, and solvent cleaning. It’s important to dry the surface after cleaning, which can be done with filtered dry compressed air, a dryer, or simply by wiping with a cotton cloth.
  2. Using Anti-Rust Oil: After cleaning, apply suitable anti-rust oil (to isolate the air). The method of applying the oil depends on the usage and size of the crane. For small parts, the immersion method can be used, where the parts are soaked in grease to coat the bearing surface. For large cranes, the spray method is more suitable, using solvent-diluted rust-proof oil or thin layer rust-proof oil. However, proper fire prevention and labor protection measures must be taken.

In summary, the two key aspects of preventing rust on the bearings of single girder cranes are cleaning and the appropriate application of anti-rust oil, ensuring safe and effective prevention of corrosion and maximizing their functionality.

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