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Установка стрелового крана: На что следует обратить внимание при монтаже?

Jib cranes are powerful lifting and transporting equipment widely used in construction and transportation industries. Despite their seemingly light structure, jib cranes are measured by tonnage, and accidents can be severe. For everyone’s safety, it is crucial to be careful and cautious during the installation of a jib crane, as each screw and part impacts the future normal operation. So, what should be considered during the installation of a jib crane?

Установка стрелового крана
Установка стрелового крана
  1. Vertical Alignment: During the installation of the jib crane, it is essential to ensure that the column is installed vertically. This should be checked from different directions. The ground must be level and free of debris. For tiled surfaces, an appropriate cushioning layer should be added to increase friction with the ground.
  2. Structural Stability: A jib crane consists of a massive steel structure. During installation, its stability must be ensured, and quality must be guaranteed. Avoid rushing the project, especially if the concrete strength is not stable. This might exceed the ground’s stress limits and lead to potential accidents like collapse or tipping over. Installation teams must ensure the site’s endurance meets requirements. When reinforcing the column with reinforced concrete, the foundation must be solid before securing the jib crane’s column, ensuring safe future use.
  3. Tightening and Positioning: The nuts on the cylinder must be tightened securely. Standard wrenches may not suffice; consider using a longer pipe for leverage. Regularly check for any loosening during operation. The rotating arm’s position on the column should not be too high or too low, as this can reduce the load-bearing capacity of the column, leading to a collapse. The angle between the inclined arm and the column should ideally be within 45 degrees. As the angle increases, so does the load on the column. Ensure that the rotating arm on the column is flexible and add appropriate lubricant if necessary. Replace the column promptly if it deforms.Стреловой кран

Different types of jib cranes have varying installation methods. We have previously introduced the installation steps for a fixed-column jib crane, which you may find informative. While many customers may not be experts in консольный кран installation, it is often best to choose a manufacturer that offers an all-in-one service, from production to delivery and personal installation.

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