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Премьера продукта

Основной параметр

Премьера продукта:

Stage lift platform is the most commonly used product of the stage, the main function is used for scene transitions, scenery and actors to move up and down. This series of products is widely used in wedding, bar, Disco and the meeting room and so on.

Основной параметр:


1. Easy to installation: only need screw bolts and nuts installation;

2. Safety to use: the equipment has 4 safety systems;

3. Comfortable to use: the lifting speed is suitable for people;

4. Flexible designing: most of the products, cabin, and elevator shaft can be designed as customer’s requirement;

5. Flexible installation: It could be installed at any place, indoors or outdoors as your love style;

6. Effective cost: we could support good quality products to you as a lower price;

7. Scissor structure is compact, which could adopt the high frequency continuous operation.

8. Height of stability, to meet people or things smooth lifting.

Проектирование безопасности:

1. Door lock sensor: only the door close well, the elevator can operation;

2. Emergency stop button designed: when meet some emergency condition, press emergency stop button to let the lift stop;

3. Emergency decline button designing: when meet power off or operation failure, press emergency decline button to make the platform slowly down to the bottom;

4. Bottom sensor: if elevator bottom are blocked by obstacle, the lift will stop immediately;


1. Гидравлическая система: pump station with cylinder, масляный бак, fill oil hole, unloading oil hole, oil hose, Hydraulic oil;

2. Electrical system: COP, HOP, remote control, PLC, relay, converter, transformer, air-switch, AC contactor, motor, control electric wires, power line, LED light, power box, limited switch;

3. Механическая система: guide rail, fixing frame, Платформа, cabin, handrail, car door, auxiliary steel for installation;

4. Cabin designing: we could design the cabin as customer’s need, with lock or not, with swing door or hinge door, with stainless finishes or others.


1. Упаковка: we adopt international standard package with wooden case, if you have other special requirement please note us before package;

2. Отгрузка: we will take your actually need give you the best solution of the shipment;

3. Срок поставки: обычно, it cost about 15-20 working days after payment;

4. Document: we give instruction manual and the using hand book;

5. Warranty: 12 месяцы;

6. Assist workers: we could send one or two installation technician workers, you should pay for the trip and accommodation cost and basic salary for the workers;

When you meet any troubles, contact us at the first time. It’s my pleasure to help you at any time. Looking forward our cooperation!

Проектирование безопасности