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Какие испытания необходимо провести перед использованием стрелового крана?

Jib crane are now indispensable in many factories. So what tests need to be done before using Jib crane ? Today, the editor of tebolifts will give you a brief introduction.

The working intensity of the jib crane is light. It is composed of a column, a slewing arm, a slewing drive device and an electric chain hoist. The lower end of the column is fixed on the concrete foundation through anchor bolts. A cycloidal pinwheel reduction device drives the cantilever rotation, and the electric hoist The hoist moves left and right in a straight line on the cantilevered I-beam and lifts heavy objects.

Стреловой кран 1 тонна

The swing arm is a hollow steel structure with light weight, large span, large lifting capacity, economy and durability. The built-in traveling mechanism adopts special engineering plastic running wheels with rolling bearings, which have low friction and brisk walking; the small structural size is especially helpful for increasing the hook stroke. (The system can also be configured with domestic or imported fully pneumatic hoists).

All jib crane specifications have a common advantage: light weight, long jib, large lifting capacity, and simple installation, operation, and maintenance. Completely self-contained, they are an ideal workplace crane and suitable for outdoor use in goods yards and loading docks. The fixed column occupies a small area. The maximum lifting height can be obtained even when the lifting clearance is very small.

The operation test of the jib crane is a required inspection item for newly installed cranes or jib cranes that have been overhauled and modified. It can also be used as a conditional inspection item. The purpose of the running test is to check the консольный кран:

Использование стрелового крана

1. Whether it complies with the design drawings and relevant technical documents.

2. Whether the electrical wiring is installed correctly and whether the controller operates normally.

3. Whether the riveting and welding quality of metal structural parts is good, and whether the structural parts have sufficient strength and stiffness.

4. Whether the braking devices, limit devices and safety devices work reliably, and whether the movements are sensitive and accurate.

5. Whether the mechanical transmission parts in each mechanism are stable and the sound is normal.

6. Whether the temperature of electrical parts is normal during operation.

7. Whether the oil path of centralized lubrication is smooth. Equipment and inspection before running the experiment. In order to ensure the safety and smooth progress of the operation test, the jib crane equipment must be carefully inspected before the test and fully prepared for the test.

The above is the content compiled by the tebolifts crane editor. I hope it can help everyone! The intelligence and automation of tebolifts jib cranes make them the first choice for high-end manufacturing industries!

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