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Добро пожаловать в блог Tebo, мы являемся ведущим производителем грузовых подъемников. Наш блог посвящен обмену знаниями и советами по приобретению грузовых подъемников. Мы поможем вам выбрать лучший подъемник для ваших нужд.


Почему вы устанавливаете ножничную модель грузовой платформы?

You may ask us, if the rail cargo lift is so flexible, why will us install the scissor model cargo lift?

1.If the installation place size same to the carrying equipment’s size, and there is not enough space to install the rail and support structures;

2.If there is no support wall or support position spot to fix the rail and structures, you will need the scissor model cargo lift;

3. Because the customer cannot install the rail model cargo lift for its limitation of the technician workers in their local country, or it will be installed in the special place or remote area.

стационарный ножничный подъемник

Pit model installation:

1.Before installation, you have to commissioning the scissor lift platform out of the pit, and ensure its performance very well.

2.When installation, you must lift up the scissor lift to the top position in a steady status, and support the whole structure steady use a steel beam or high strength wood beam.

3.Take the scissor lift into the pit use the heavy crane or hoist machine, and let the scissor lift structure’s fixation hole to the suitable position.

4.Caution: if the lift cannot be support steady to the suitable height, which suitable the workers working under the platform, the workers are forbidden to work under the platform;

5.Bolt and nut all of the fixation feet of the bottom of the scissor lift platform;

6.Fix the pump station and the electric unit system;

7.Testing the whole equipment and commissioning it’s performance.

No pit installation:

The steps like the pit installation: 1,2,3,5,6,7 steps.

If the lift’s travelling height is too high, the auxiliary pillars beam will be installed;


1.Flexible designing: with the capacity from 500kg to 10 tons;

2. This model scissor lift can occupy all of the pit’s size, it is suitable for the customers whose working space is limited but need the max application space size;

3.If the scissor model cargo lift platform’s traveling height is designed too high and is installed for many years, there will be some deformation to the scissor structure, so maintenance the equipment is very necessary.

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