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This scissor lift equipment is installing in the car exhibition fair, where there must be installed a suitable pit.

And it has 3 safety guarantees:

1. Anti-explosion valve: when the hydraulic oil tube is explored or cut, the platform will stop and not decline suddenly.

2. Hydraulic lock: when it lifting to the top height, the hydraulic lock will stop the system to keep stable and balance, it will protect the whole system to lift down.

3. Emergency stop or decline device: when the power failure or the system faults we can press the emergency decline button to let the platform decline slowly and safely.

Stationary scissor model lift platforms have a large dimension; it can be used in theindustry production, heavy loading, air port, vân vân. It has a large capacity, ahigh working height, a big platform board, and the specification can becustomized according to customer’s requirement. If the heavy scissor lift platform is used to loading heavy goods, generally, there should install atleast 2 columns as a guide rail to protect the platform, to ensure itsstability, safety, and balance. If you have special requirement, we can equip ahydraulic lock to the system which is made of steel rack to ensure its security.

Thang máy cắt thủy lực bằng thủy lực hạng nặng

Thang máy cắt thủy lực bằng thủy lực hạng nặng


1. Flexible to design and production: the platform board size,chiều cao làm việc, the capacity and the outside specification can be designed as thecustomer’s requirement.

2. Large capacity: the maximum loading capacity can upto 100ton.

3. Cài đặt đơn giản: only need to bolt the steel base ofthe scissor platform, can it be fixed.

Thông tin chi tiết:

Thescissor lift platform has 3 systems:

1)Cácmechanicalsystem: itis made of every kind of steel structures, steel board, safety device, andmechanical spare parts, vân vân.

2)Cácelectricalsystem: theelectrical system is using imported accessories or joint venture electricparts, which have excellent, steady and safety performance.

3)Các driving system: its equipped with pump station and hydraulic system, the two devices are usingChina and Italy joint venture brand, it can make sure the whole quality of theproduct.

Cài đặt:the scissor model lift platform’s installation is very simple and convenient,if the capacity no more than 3 tấn, only need to bolt the steel base into the concreteground, if the whole capacity more than 3tons, we suggest you to embed the baseiron into the concrete base ground. So the whole structure will more steady.

Bythe way, if you need the platform board level is the same to the ground, a pitmust be designed and dug, and the constructed pit depth must same to theplatform’s minimum contract height size.

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