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Welcome Africa friends visit us and see the mobile scissor lifts

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    Today, the Africa friends visit us, and investigate our mobile scissor lift platforms, the customer testing the sample of the trailer scissor lift platforms and the electric motor assisted power model mobile scissor lift platform, from 6m to 14m all of our goods he was very satisfied about them.

    2 sets mobile scissor lift

    After the visit we discussed the market opening solution in his country and renting method in China market, we exchanged and shared our experience of Tebo mobile scissor lift platform’s operation, maintenance, application ,etc.

    After our communication, customer is very satisfy about China Tebo Machinery Co.,Ltd’s lift platform product’s quality and designing, and send us too many valuable suggestions.

    Africa friends

    At last, the customer make contract with our company and prepare 2 sets mobile scissor lift platform sample orders.

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