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Warmly welcome 3 Thai customers to visit our company for the first time!

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    With the improvement of the epidemic and the continuous expansion of the company’s business, our company attracted many foreign customers to visit this year.

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    On June 22, 2023, regular customers from Thailand visited our company, our company expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of Thai customers!

    There are two aspects of the customers’ visit, one is to further understand the situation of our factory, and the other is to discuss the related projects of future cooperation.

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    Accompanied by two managers of our company, the customers visited the factory and experienced the lifting process of the elevator, which was highly praised by the customers. At the site, the customers had an intuitive understanding of the company, and fully affirmed the company’s ability of R & D, production, management and other aspects.

    The two managers gave detailed answers to the questions raised by the customers, and left a deep impression on the customers with their rich professional knowledge and well-trained working ability.

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    After the visit, the Thai customers and our company showed fully confident in the future cooperation between the two sides, and expressed the best wishes for long-term cooperation.

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    The visit of foreign customers not only strengthens the exchange between our company and foreign customers, but also lays a solid foundation for the internationalization of our brand products. In the future, we will always adhere to high-quality products, actively expand market share, and constantly improve and develop.

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