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Die Vorteile unserer Stahlrampe in 3 Aspekten

1.The function of our steel ramp


By building a bridge between storage platform and transport vehicle, the main function of this Stahlrampe is easy to forklift enter the carriage to upload and unload goods. Our steel ramp is widely used in docks, platforms, warehouses, etc. We make special design in size, load capacity and other aspects according to customers’ different needs. This steel ramp can be installed in the side of cargo platform flush with the end of storage platform. There is a flip plate at the top of the bridge platform, which is automatically placed on the edge of the carriage, so that the cargo platform and the carriage transition smoothly. All our products are made of high-quality materials, exquisite production technology, world-class production technology, and have passed strict quality testing before leaving the factory, so customers can rest assured to buy, and do not worry about quality problems. Therefore, the subsequent maintenance and maintenance will be very simple and convenient.

At the same time, our steel ramp uses a hydraulic system and does not require any electrical equipment, so the maintenance process will be very safe. In the process of maintenance, customers can focus on checking hydraulic pumps, oil cylinders and individual valves. It should be noted that the hydraulic oil should be replaced regularly, so as to ensure the flexibility of the product during operation.


the main function of this Stahlrampe is easy to forklift enter the carriage to upload and unload goods.


2.The design of our steel ramp


Our steel ramps have a unique design, many details are convenient for customer maintenance. Full hydraulic drive, easy to operate and reliable operation. The lip plate and the platform are connected by the whole axis, which has high strength and good reliability. Imported seals are used to ensure that the hydraulic system has excellent sealing performance. Imported integral modular hydraulic station, good sealing, long service life. The design of the high strength “U” shaped beam can guarantee its high load for a long time without deformation. The anti-slip pattern steel plate is adopted to make the platform have good anti-slip performance. Both sides of the skirt plate to prevent toes into the platform to cause accidental injury. A support rod is provided to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel entering the internal maintenance of the boarding bridge.

Electric control operation is very simple, just press the button, the adjustment plate will automatically rise; Release the button, the adjustment board falls by its own weight, and the loose-leaf board can be used on the truck.


Our steel ramps have a unique design.


3.The dynamical system of our steel ramp


The hydraulic system of our steel ramp adopts high-quality brand products, with excellent performance and minimal maintenance. Through the power system, the large cylinder of our steel ramp lifts the entire inclined plate, to the top position, the small cylinder begins to work, smoothly extend the loose-leaf lashing plate, height adjustment plate all use high quality high pattern steel plate and profile tight welding, long life. There are three movable plates on both sides of the adjustment plate, which can effectively avoid the danger of crushing toes when the adjustment plate falls, so as to ensure safety. The front of the base of the adjustment plate is open design, which is convenient and quick to clean up debris. The unique design of the “work” steel skeleton can support the average pressure, and reduce the torque of the skeleton, more durable than other channel steel structures.

The unique “streamlined” open loose-leaf joint design increases the welding area by more than 3 times compared with other traditional tubular joints, greatly prolonging the service life and facilitating maintenance. During maintenance, maintenance and cleaning, it is safer and more reliable to support the adjustment plate with a support rod. Customers can maintain our steel ramp regularly.

Steel ramps enhance loading and unloading efficiency.

Our steel ramp adopts hydraulic system.

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