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Bienvenido al blog de Tebo, fabricante líder de elevadores de carga. Nuestro blog se centra en compartir conocimientos y consejos de compra de elevadores de carga. Le ayudamos a elegir la mejor solución de elevación para sus necesidades.


Sobre los elevadores de coches, hay 3 cosas muy útiles que debes saber.

1.What is a car lifts?


The development of human beings is in an infinite process, but the development of cities is in a limited space. The trivialization of urban architecture corresponds to the trivialization of urban traffic. In order to solve the problem of three-dimensional urban traffic, the car lifts and vehicle lifts have come from the dream to the reality. The standard load of the elevadores de coches is 3000KG and 5000KG. The speed is 0.25-0.5m/s. As an important vehicle vertical transport, compared with the traditional car ramp, the car elevator can save 80% of the building area and more than twice the car turnover efficiency. It has been more and more widely used in automobile 4S shops, maintenance workshops, large shopping malls and supermarkets with parking lots on the roof. There are many different kinds of car lifts. According to the power system, it can be divided into hydraulic car lifts and traction car lifts. If classified by function, there are auto lifts, truck lifts, rotary lift, car garage lift, etc.

Auto Scissor Lift
Auto Scissor Lift


2.What is the use of car lift?


Statistics show that by the end of 2010, China’s car ownership has reached more than 80 million, passenger car ownership reached more than 50 million, in the foreseeable future, will still maintain a growth rate of about 20%. Among these cars, most passenger cars are concentrated in cities and become congested with urban expansion and three-dimensional development, so car elevators came into being and have been developed rapidly. When it comes to what equipment is used to lift a car, there are mainly two kinds of car elevators widely used, which are hydraulic car elevators and traction car elevators. Hydraulic car elevator., it occupies a place in low-rise buildings with the advantages of safety and reliability, convenient setting of computer room and so on. Among them, many have specially designed cars, and some have optional photoelectric door opening systems, which are more suitable for the use of cars. Traction car elevator. In China’s cities, most of the car lifts ownership is still the traditional traction car elevator, this kind of elevator developed from the traction freight elevator, with its mature technology, low cost advantages, occupy a certain market share. In the context of the increasing scale of modern cities, the car lifts service for passenger cars also has broad prospects for development. In comparison, the traction car elevator developed from the traditional traction freight elevator technology, at this stage can basically meet the needs of the three-dimensional development of modern cities, but in the long run, the hydraulic car lifts layout is convenient and energy saving and environmental protection, and can adapt to the development trend of future car elevators. So when you buy a car lift for garage online, you need to know the difference between the two types of auto lifts.

Tebo Lift Scisor car parking case
Tebo Lift Scisor car parking case


3.What is a traction car lifts and what is a tractor?


The permanent magnet synchronous traction machine with energy saving, environmental protection, stable operation, low noise and small occupation area is adopted. The traction machine is simple in structure, does not need a reducer box, and the process is simpler, while reducing the volume and weight, and improving the utilization rate of effective space. When you consider what is the best vehicle for cars, you could understand traction car lifts. They would be a parking lift that fits in your garage. The traction machine has low vibration and noise, especially in the low-speed operation area, which has more obvious advantages, stable operation and high speed regulation accuracy. So the tractor is a good dynamic system for car lifts for all automotive. Most of the noise of the traditional geared elevator comes from the mechanical vibration generated by the gear box and the vibration and noise of the high-speed rotating motor itself. The gear less tractor does not need a gearbox, and the rated speed of the motor is very low, so the vibration and noise of the motor itself is very small, so the noise of the entire elevator system is greatly reduced. Because the gear less speed regulation is realized, there is no secondary deceleration process, which saves the loss of the gearbox and improves the efficiency. Read this, you will know the types of auto lifts.

Tebo Lift Carro de tijera maleta02 1
Maleta de coche Tebo Lift Scissor



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