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Bienvenido al blog de Tebo, fabricante líder de elevadores de carga. Nuestro blog se centra en compartir conocimientos y consejos de compra de elevadores de carga. Le ayudamos a elegir la mejor solución de elevación para sus necesidades.


Maravillosa la 15ª exposición de ascensores de Shanghai

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    From July 5 to July 8, the four-day Shanghai elevator exhibition was successfully held in Shanghai. The 5 members of our company brought hydraulic lift platform products to the exhibition, during which we met many new friends and old friends from all over the world, and also witnessed an unparalleled visual feast!


    The intense preparation work in the early stage and the cooperation of all members are the important factors for achieving excellent results of this exhibition. From the layout of the booth to the introduction of the product, all reflect the enthusiasm and attention of our team. We are looking forward to meeting our friends and hope that our efforts can bring good experience to them.


    In the early publicity, many old friends came to our booth as promised, and we discussed the product details and future cooperation with friends from Kenya, South Africa, Palestine, Jordan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, El Salvador and other places. Some customers learn the installation and delivery of elevators, some customers give parameters on the spot to seek solutions and prices, and some customers reflect the problems encountered before and solutions. In the process, we also met new friends from Pakistan, India, Iran, Lebanon, Bangladesh, Israel, Egypt and other places, they showed great interest in hydraulic elevators, and we also had a warm discussion and looked forward to future cooperation.

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