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Добро пожаловать в блог Tebo, мы являемся ведущим производителем грузовых подъемников. Наш блог посвящен обмену знаниями и советами по приобретению грузовых подъемников. Мы поможем вам выбрать лучший подъемник для ваших нужд.


Мобильные пансионаты: Сохранение и продление срока службы

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    Mobile boarding bridges are essential auxiliary tools for efficient long-distance transportation of vehicles. Ensuring their longevity and optimal functionality demands meticulous maintenance and upkeep. In this guide, we will outline crucial maintenance steps and practices to extend the service life of Mobile boarding bridges.

    Стальные пандусы для вилочных погрузчиков

    Hydraulic Boarding Bridge Maintenance:


    1. Regular Checks:
      • Frequent checking of the lift brake is essential, focusing on clearance and overall condition to guarantee flexibility and reliability in its usage.
      • Inspect the brake’s friction surface for any dirt and promptly clean if needed.
    2. Lubrication:
      • Lubricate all specified parts of the mobile boarding bridge comprehensively and adequately, ensuring no omissions while being cautious not to overuse lubricating oil.
    3. Connection Inspection:
      • Thoroughly inspect connecting parts for looseness, especially connecting bolts, and tighten them promptly. Ensure all connecting shafts have cotter pins securely in place.
    4. Mechanism Check:
      • Regularly inspect elevator mechanisms for normal operation and identify any noise or faults. Address issues promptly to maintain optimal functionality.
      • Check all wires and cables for damage, and either repair or replace them as needed.

    Monthly Maintenance of Mobile Boarding Bridge:


    1. Monitor the hydraulic oil quality, replacing it when it becomes dark, sticky, or contaminated with foreign particles.
    2. Check and address wear on rollers, central shaft, bearings, cylinder pins, and boom shafts, replacing or repairing any worn parts.
    3. Apply lubricating oil to each part to extend the bearing’s service life.
    Обслуживание гидравлики
    Обслуживание гидравлики

    Year-End Maintenance of Mobile Boarding Bridge:


    1. Replace hydraulic oil, ensuring it’s not old or contaminated, to prevent accelerated wear in moving parts.
    2. Thoroughly check hydraulic pipes and joints, tightening any loose connections and ensuring no damage to the pipes.
    3. Disassemble and clean the lowering valve plunger, reinstalling it to maintain optimal functionality.

    Daily Maintenance Methods for Hydraulic Mobile Boarding Bridge:


    1. Regularly change hydraulic oil to prevent blockage and maintain proper functionality.
    2. Apply lubricating oil on high-friction areas to reduce noise and extend component life.
    3. Clean the surface to remove dust and accumulated water, avoiding circuit short circuits and damage.

    Ensuring Longevity:


    1. Conduct safety inspections before use, addressing any issues promptly.
    2. Repaint and prevent rusting to maintain the equipment’s integrity.
    3. Adhere to the specified load limits to prevent overloading and subsequent damage.
    4. Ensure proper alignment and safety measures during usage.
    5. Regularly inspect and maintain the internal wiring and components.
    6. Utilize safety support rods during maintenance to prevent accidents.

    Mobile Boarding Bridge Service Life:


    1. Quality and maintenance significantly impact service life, typically ranging from 5 to 10 years.
    2. Regular inspections, dedicated personnel for upkeep, and timely repairs are crucial for longevity.
    3. Routine inspections focusing on welding points, circuit health, and lubrication are essential for a prolonged service life.

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