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Добро пожаловать в блог Tebo, мы являемся ведущим производителем грузовых подъемников. Наш блог посвящен обмену знаниями и советами по приобретению грузовых подъемников. Мы поможем вам выбрать лучший подъемник для ваших нужд.


Два аспекта стального выравнивателя: структура и принцип работы


Steel leveler is made of special shaped steel pipe, special diamond mesh plate and anti-skid plate. This corrugated steel lattice network structure provides excellent anti-slip performance, and makes the forklifts easier to control on this steel leveler. At the same time, this dock leveler equipped with break pads, which can effectively avoid the steel leveler shifting in the process of loading and unloading. Our company can make special design according to different needs of users in dimensions, load bearing and so on.

Корпус доковой рампы TEB0 4

The appearance of steel leveler



The dynamic system of this steel leveler is oil hydraulic pump. So it doesn’t need the support of the electrical system. Steel ramp is a movable ramp which is convenient for forklift truck loading and unloading. In order to make it safer for forklifts to go up and down hills, the surface of the slope needs to be specially treated. It is a slope made of steel structure.  It has a large volume. Its height and slope are fixed, so it does not need the support of the electrical system. However, we can move it to the appropriate location as needed.

Доковая рампа TEB0 3D 2Without electrical system, so the steel leveler is more safety



The bulk of steel leveler is very large, and it is the biggest причальная рампа. Steel ramps have different length, height and capacity . You can choose different specifications according to your actual needs. At the same time, we can also customize according to your specific needs. Steel ramps are widely used in docks, workshops, factories, plants and warehouses.

The steel leveler is used in conjunction with forklift truck loading and unloading auxiliary equipment, can adjust the height according to the height of the car compartment, forklift truck can directly enter the compartment through the equipment for bulk loading and unloading of goods, only one person operation, can realize the fast loading and unloading of goods. It enables enterprises to reduce a lot of labor, improve work efficiency, and obtain greater economic benefits.

Структура рамы дока TEBO

The structure of steel leveler


Operating principle

The rise of ramp of steel leveler is achieved by hydraulic pump. By the pressure of hydraulic pump, hydraulic oil can flow through oil filter, flameproof electromagnetic directional valve, throttle valve, pilot operated check valve and balance valve, ends up into lower end of cylinder, which makes the piston of cylinder move up to lift ramp. The scavenge oil of upper end of cylinder flow through flameproof electromagnetic directional valve and back into cylinder. We can adjust its pressure by overflow valve, and observe this value on pressure gage.

When the piston of cylinder move down, the ramp will descend. In this process, the hydraulic oil enters the upper end of the liquid cylinder through the explosion-proof electromagnetic directional valve, and the oil returns to the oil tank through the balance valve, the liquid-controlled check valve, the throttle valve, and the flameproof electromagnetic directional valve. In order to make the weight fall smoothly and brake safely and reliably, the balance valve is set on the oil return circuit to balance the circuit and maintain the pressure, so that the falling speed is not changed by the weight, and the flow rate is adjusted by the throttle valve to control the lifting speed. In order to make the braking safe and reliable and prevent accidents, the hydraulic control check valve is added, that is, the hydraulic lock, to ensure that the hydraulic line can be safely self-locked when the accidental burst. Overload sound alarm is installed to distinguish overload or equipment failure.

TEB0 Применение доковой рампы 1

The rise of ramp of steel leveler is achieved by hydraulic pump.

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